Siobhan MacGowan is a writer, journalist (sometime artist) and songwriter working in journalism, arts & media since l984, cutting her teeth at Associated Newspapers (Kent & Sussex Courier) writing for its County magazine and as copywriter and designer of the newspaper's advertising and features pages. 


Later, earning a crust writing copy for advertising agencies, as a freelance journalist she wrote record and live reviews for SMASH HITS & RECORD MIRROR and features for FSM MONTHLY.


Working out of the Hill 16 London office of international band THE POGUES , she designed and was sole writer of the band's fanzine The Ordnahone Missal.


In 1988 she relocated to Dublin, Ireland, forming band The Frantic, performing self-penned songs at venues such as The Baggot Inn, The Rock Garden and The Olympia Theatre.  She supported Hazel O' Connor on an Irish nationwide tour and opened for Mary Coughlan at the Mean Fiddler in London.



The video of song Chariot was shown on MTV Christmas morning 1992 and she received an award from Irish charity Irish Youth Rescue for her fundraising single The Slowest Hunger.



From l992 - l994 she travelled as Van Morrison's personal assistant in the USA and Europe.


In l995, Siobhan worked for the Department of Arts & Heritage in Co. Tipperary, on press and promotion and writing and songwriting contests for the annual Arts Festival.


In l997 she recorded her debut album Chariot released by Murgatroid Records in l998.  The album received critical acclaim, being recommended by VIRGIN and the HOT PRESS critics' choice. 



Since 2000 Siobhan has written for the IRISH TIMES, SUNDAY TIMES, IRISH MIRROR, HOT PRESS and MIZZ magazine.  She made an appearance as a lady of ill-repute in Patrick Bergin's film production of Yeats' Countess Kathleen and has undertaken commissions for artwork and wall-art under the name of Cat MacZebedee. 


Recently she has penned a piece on THE POGUES' beginnings for the accompanying booklet to The Pogues in Paris, 30th anniversary concert at the Olympia DVD & CD sets, released worldwide by Universal, November 2012.  

She is currently writing her first novel, Etain's Dream, a historical/mythological drama for the older young reader.  The story wapart-serialised in The Nenagh Guardian in 2008.


She is the sister of Shane MacGowan of The Pogues.