Chariot was released on the independent record label, Murgatroid, in April 1998 to strong critical acclaim, being named the HOT PRESS critics' choice and recommended by Virgin.

The original album contained 9 tracks :

1. Chariot

2. The Trip

3. Trust Me

4. Sin e

5. Well Worn Smile

6. Shoot Through

7. Baby

8. Welcome Child

9. Celtic Lullaby

Siobhan released an extra track I Love Him with a Grace in 2002

Listen to 3 tracks from Chariot here 


CHARIOT Reviews 

' For truly somnolent music that tweaks at every nerve-ending from your brain stem to your toes, you need look no further than Chariot .... as new releases go, it's fresh air in a dank, smoky room..' 
Siobhan Long HOT PRESS April 1998 

Recommended by Virgin and Hot Press 

' Chariot is a record of rare emotional depth.. anyone who wants their faith in contemporary music reaffirmed need look no further...' 

Niall Stanage Irish News April 1998 

' An atmospheric album, boasting shades of Lou Reed, Lloyd Cole-esque melancholia and folky country-rock, accompanied by Siobhan's dramatic Janis Joplin-esque vocals. A must for fans of contemporary Irish music..' 

Wipe Out April 1998 

'..the intriguing Chariot ..' 
In Dublin April 1998 

' A thing of beauty and light...' 
RTE Guide May 1998 

'Siobhan MacGowan has now joined the realms of Irish female musicians who have produced worthy albums. Her atmospheric debut includes a mixture of soul ballads and adventurous forays into psychedelia and country-style influences...' 
Ireland On Sunday April 1998 

' The nearest an Irish singer-songwriter has come to a synthesis of sun-bleached country music, poetic howl and dust-bowl melancholia. Imagine the Cowboy Junkies fronted by Patti Smith and you'll have some idea of the sound of this record: a lazy, warped version of blissed-out Americana...' 
Sunday Times March 1998 

'..Now, Shane's younger sister, Siobhan, found herself in the spotlight. A fine singer/songwriter, Siobhan's recently released album, Chariot had garnered impressive reviews from all corners of the music press, with one critic describing her as a cross between 'Patsy Cline and the Velvet Underground'. If one also included Van Morrison circa Astral Weeks , Bryter Layter period, Nick Drake and a liberal smattering of Mazzy Star, then Chariot's rich, evocative sound began to make sense. While Siobhan's approach to making music was far more contemporary than that of her elder brother, she still shared his penchant for writing timeless melodies, with songs such as Trust Me, Well Worn Smile and the engaging Celtic Lullaby stretching across the decades in thoroughly agreeable fashion...' 

From London Irish Punk: Life & Music of Shane MacGowan 
Joe Merrick, Omnibus Press (2001)